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Kitty Musings

A Look Inside The Head of a Feline

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Anywhoooo... yeah, I hate bios, I always end up feeling like I'm competing with everyone else for the most messed-up bio, and I'm not exaggerating or being melodramatic about it. Ah, here goes the super-short story of my life.

I was born 3 months premature to a 16 year old girl, stayed in hospital for a bit, went to a foster family, and my parents -- yes, they are my "real" parents, they RAISED me! -- adopted me at the age of one year. They were warned, however, that in all likelihood I would need total care for the rest of my life, but always encouraged me to go after what I wanted. Skip forward a bit, yeah, and it turns out the doctors were completely wrong; I may have Cerebral Palsy, but I'm doing so many things they said I would never do, like feeding myself, sitting upright without support, walking, talking, all that good stuff. WMDKitty: 20; Doctors: 0

Lighter points of me?

I tend to be a happy, sociable kitty, who will always share what little I have with others, especially those with less. I rather enjoy eating and sleeping, especially when I'm supposed to be awake -- yay, NAP! My parents get sooo annoyed when I take naps! ^.^ I'm a bit of a trickster-kitty, got that Coyote streak in me.

Err.... I dunno what else to say here, so I'm going to wrap it up now.

Bright blessings to all!

[Thanks go to chochajin for the Sailor Mercury icon!!]